A Taste for Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef

Japan’s food scene has long been one of its biggest draws. Its many gastronomic delights include sushi, soba, tempura, okonomiyaki, ramen, and a lot more. It is also home to the world-renowned Wagyu beef. Japanese beef has a reputation of being expensive. And Wagyu is right on top of the hierarchy.

Cattle Breeds and Bloodline

The Wagyu seal is not something that is freely-given to just any Japanese beef. It is specifically for the four specific types of breeds – the black, brown, shorthorn, and polled. Cattles are raised based on stringent standards. Cattle bloodlines are protected through strict breeding procedures. A Wagyu cow’s bloodline can be traced through painstaking and detailed recording processes.

Suitable Environment

Wagyu cattle are raised as comfortable as possible. To produce top quality beef, the cattle are raised in the least stressful environment as the cattle farm owners can provide. Much attention is given to the type of feed and the grass or plants they graze on. Farmers also pay attention to the cleanliness of ranches. When it comes to raising their Wagyu, Japanese farmers ensure that no stone is left unturned to create the best environment for their cattle.


Producing Wagyu beef takes time. It takes at least 30 months for farmers to breed cattle to produce the world’s most expensive beef. The process involves paying a lot of attention to the cows’ comforts and ensuring that they are fed well with the best possible feeds or plants available.

Quality over Quantity

Wagyu beef is all about quality. The cows raised provide the most quality cuts as opposed to other types of beef. Wagyu offers all the goodness that comes from the stringent methods the cows are raised to meet standards that have been in place for many generations. This is one of the reasons why many invest on what is considered to be the priciest type of beef in the world.

Good Fats

Wagyu beef is said have more monounsaturated fatty acids or good fats than other types of beef. It is rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. It is good not only for your health but also for the environment as it adheres to more sustainable practices.

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Don’t Paint Your Wall Blue If You Want to Eat Steak!

Did you know that the paint color of your kitchen can affect your appetite? Psychologists have mastered the effects of color on our starving stomachs, and here are what they found:



Blue is a calming color that will slow the speed of your eating. It’s too calm it can prevent you from overeating! You wouldn’t want that to happen if you have a full plate of quality beef, would you? If you’re one of those people who aim to get fat by eating a lot, then don’t use the color blue in your kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your paint sprayer and change that blue color now! If you’ve been looking for a paint sprayer, here’s a great source for you. If you don’t have the time to change the color yet, then at least stay away from blue dishes, blue placemats, and blue kitchen decorations.


“For goodness’ sake, eat those healthy veggies that come with your steak!” This is what your green-colored kitchen walls would probably tell you. This refreshing color is just like the color blue—it’s calming. But it comes with a bonus feature: It makes you want to eat healthy food. Sure, red meat is good, but you’ll need greens too, and this color will help you get the motivation you need.

Red, Orange, Yellow


Red. The color of your favorite meat. Fortunately, this color promotes hunger and makes you want to eat fast, and finishing your food fast will opt you to get more food. So, if you wish to eat a lot of steak for dinner, surround yourself with the color red! Orange is also a bright, stimulating color that can give the brain a boost by increasing the amount of oxygen, which means it’s an appetite stimulant too. Yellow also elevates your chances of overeating since it’s a happy color that makes us want to have more of the food we’re eating. No wonder fast food chains like McDonald’s use red and yellow!

Avoid these colors!

brown-black-kitchenSay no to purples, browns, and blacks. These paint colors don’t promote hunger at all. They’re the worst wall colors for a kitchen because they don’t make eating comfortable and desirable for you. And c’mon, who would want to miss out a delicious T-bone steak for dinner? These colors aren’t calming too, which means they can’t help you in your journey of losing weight.

More about paint

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Finishing Tasks Faster with a Finish Nailer

There are numerous comparisons of the best finish nailers on the internet today. And while some of you are still looking for the perfect nailer, a lot of you probably own a finish nailer already. But before we go through with the process, what is this nailer exactly?

A finishing nailer or finish nail gun is a tool loved by many woodworkers. It shoots nails to small trim boards and wood (softwood, plywood, hardwood) with ease. This tool allows the user to finish the nailing faster (pun intended) and be more productive.

How Should I Use It?

Step 1: Place the center of the finish nail tip


Locate where you want the nail to go. Mark the spot with a pencil if necessary. Position the center of the nail tip where the nail should be correctly positioned. This will also avoid blow out (the nail coming out of the wrong direction).

FYI: Nail blow out is often the result of crooked angling of the trim, gun, or molding.

Line up the gun in the way you wish the nail to go to ensure that you don’t dislodge the position of your nail tip.

Step 2: Depress the safety nose

Just so you know, finish nailers feature a safety nose that should be depressed before the nailer’s trigger is engaged and can be pulled.

Step 3: Pull the trigger

Just like when you shoot a gun to release the bullet, you also need to pull the trigger of a finish nailer to release the nail.


What Are The Tips I Should Know?

Position parts with a gauge

To obtain accurate and consistent placement of parts, use a gauge to keep them in position before securing them using your finish nailer.

Deal with stray nails the right way

All you have to do is pull these nails out. If you can’t, then break them off. You could bend stray nails into place and pound them back out using a hammer later on. Most of the time, however, the best thing to do is break some of its parts off and make use of your nail set to sink the rest.

Avoid nail jams by opening the latch

Finish nail guns feature a latch that’s so easy to open. To solve the famous nail jam problem, you merely have to unfasten the lock of the finish nailer (located at the front part) and take out the jammed nails. If you’re working with a pneumatic nailer, make sure you disconnect it from your air compressor first. And if you’re using a cordless finish nailer, remove the battery before opening the latch too.

Want more tips? Watch this video below.

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5 Must-Try Korean Dishes for People Who Love Beef

Korean beef barbecue

Picture this – a beef barbecue with plenty of banchan dishes, which are the wide array of side dishes commonly served in a typical Korean meal. With the quality of Korean beef making it more expensive than pork or chicken, eating it can be a real treat. For the authentic Korean cuisine experience, here are some of the beef-based dishes you need to try.

1. Bulgogi or Korean beef barbecue is thinly sliced beef soaked in a marinade usually made with soy sauce and other ingredients. It is then cooked on a grill. If you are dining in a Korean restaurant, you have the option of grilling it yourself at the table or have it served already cooked.

2. Galbi is a dish made with either pork or beef ribs as main ingredients. It is also often referred to as Korean barbecue as it can also be cooked at the table much like bulgogi. The meat used for galbi, however, is sliced more thickly than the ones used for bulgogi and does not have to be marinated or seasoned before cooking.

3. Galbitang is a rich soup dish made with beef short ribs. There are two types of galbitang — the spicy or the non-spicy.

4. Soegogi-muguk is a non-spicy beef and radish soup loved by children and adults alike. It is fairly easy to prepare and quite filling, especially when paired with rice.

5. Soegogi-gui is how Koreans grill and enjoy their beef. The grilled meat is often served with hot pepper paste, bean paste, onions, and lettuce. Wrapping it inside a lettuce leaf with the hot pepper paste and bean paste mixture and a little of the side dish of your choice is one of the best ways to eat it.

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Why You Should Eat Red Meats Like Beef

red meat

Let’s face it.

Most, if not all, kinds of meat are considered other words for unhealthy. Lucky for us, especially those who just love to eat meat, there’s a certain kind of meat that brings more advantages than any other meat in existence.

Red meat, anyone?

That being said, here’s why you should eat red meats like beef:

It’s filled with nutrients.

Contrary to popular belief, red meat is not just a great source of protein, which helps repair body tissues. It’s also a great source of iron, which helps produce red blood cells; zinc, which helps boost the immune system; vitamin B12, which helps keep your nerves in check; and selenium, which helps prevent heart diseases like coronary artery disease.

It’s filled with healthy fat content.

While most people think fat brings more harm to us than any other kind of junk food, it’s not exactly the case. There are actually two kinds of fat: healthy fat and unhealthy fat. Red meat is filled with healthy fat – one is stearic acid (a type of saturated fat), which helps reduce high cholesterol levels; and two is oleic acid (a type of monounsaturated fat), which helps reduce free radical damages.

It cheers you up.

Had a bad day at work? Had a gloomy day at school? Had an exhausting day at home? Don’t worry. All you need is a tasty dish with your favorite red meat and voila – your mood is automatically improved! This goes especially for those who love eating red meat like grass-fed beef, which is found to have greater levels of omega-3 than any other kinds of beef and helps with anxiety or depression.

It seems like what most people call unhealthy is the new black now.

Any other reasons why you should eat red meats like beef? Let us know by commenting below!

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