red meat

Let’s face it.

Most, if not all, kinds of meat are considered other words for unhealthy. Lucky for us, especially those who just love to eat meat, there’s a certain kind of meat that brings more advantages than any other meat in existence.

Red meat, anyone?

That being said, here’s why you should eat red meats like beef:

It’s filled with nutrients.

Contrary to popular belief, red meat is not just a great source of protein, which helps repair body tissues. It’s also a great source of iron, which helps produce red blood cells; zinc, which helps boost the immune system; vitamin B12, which helps keep your nerves in check; and selenium, which helps prevent heart diseases like coronary artery disease.

It’s filled with healthy fat content.

While most people think fat brings more harm to us than any other kind of junk food, it’s not exactly the case. There are actually two kinds of fat: healthy fat and unhealthy fat. Red meat is filled with healthy fat – one is stearic acid (a type of saturated fat), which helps reduce high cholesterol levels; and two is oleic acid (a type of monounsaturated fat), which helps reduce free radical damages.

It cheers you up.

Had a bad day at work? Had a gloomy day at school? Had an exhausting day at home? Don’t worry. All you need is a tasty dish with your favorite red meat and voila – your mood is automatically improved! This goes especially for those who love eating red meat like grass-fed beef, which is found to have greater levels of omega-3 than any other kinds of beef and helps with anxiety or depression.

It seems like what most people call unhealthy is the new black now.

Any other reasons why you should eat red meats like beef? Let us know by commenting below!

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