Korean beef barbecue

Picture this – a beef barbecue with plenty of banchan dishes, which are the wide array of side dishes commonly served in a typical Korean meal. With the quality of Korean beef making it more expensive than pork or chicken, eating it can be a real treat. For the authentic Korean cuisine experience, here are some of the beef-based dishes you need to try.

1. Bulgogi or Korean beef barbecue is thinly sliced beef soaked in a marinade usually made with soy sauce and other ingredients. It is then cooked on a grill. If you are dining in a Korean restaurant, you have the option of grilling it yourself at the table or have it served already cooked.

2. Galbi is a dish made with either pork or beef ribs as main ingredients. It is also often referred to as Korean barbecue as it can also be cooked at the table much like bulgogi. The meat used for galbi, however, is sliced more thickly than the ones used for bulgogi and does not have to be marinated or seasoned before cooking.

3. Galbitang is a rich soup dish made with beef short ribs. There are two types of galbitang — the spicy or the non-spicy.

4. Soegogi-muguk is a non-spicy beef and radish soup loved by children and adults alike. It is fairly easy to prepare and quite filling, especially when paired with rice.

5. Soegogi-gui is how Koreans grill and enjoy their beef. The grilled meat is often served with hot pepper paste, bean paste, onions, and lettuce. Wrapping it inside a lettuce leaf with the hot pepper paste and bean paste mixture and a little of the side dish of your choice is one of the best ways to eat it.

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