Did you know that the paint color of your kitchen can affect your appetite? Psychologists have mastered the effects of color on our starving stomachs, and here are what they found:



Blue is a calming color that will slow the speed of your eating. It’s too calm it can prevent you from overeating! You wouldn’t want that to happen if you have a full plate of quality beef, would you? If you’re one of those people who aim to get fat by eating a lot, then don’t use the color blue in your kitchen. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your paint sprayer and change that blue color now! If you’ve been looking for a paint sprayer, here’s a great source for you. If you don’t have the time to change the color yet, then at least stay away from blue dishes, blue placemats, and blue kitchen decorations.


“For goodness’ sake, eat those healthy veggies that come with your steak!” This is what your green-colored kitchen walls would probably tell you. This refreshing color is just like the color blue—it’s calming. But it comes with a bonus feature: It makes you want to eat healthy food. Sure, red meat is good, but you’ll need greens too, and this color will help you get the motivation you need.

Red, Orange, Yellow


Red. The color of your favorite meat. Fortunately, this color promotes hunger and makes you want to eat fast, and finishing your food fast will opt you to get more food. So, if you wish to eat a lot of steak for dinner, surround yourself with the color red! Orange is also a bright, stimulating color that can give the brain a boost by increasing the amount of oxygen, which means it’s an appetite stimulant too. Yellow also elevates your chances of overeating since it’s a happy color that makes us want to have more of the food we’re eating. No wonder fast food chains like McDonald’s use red and yellow!

Avoid these colors!

brown-black-kitchenSay no to purples, browns, and blacks. These paint colors don’t promote hunger at all. They’re the worst wall colors for a kitchen because they don’t make eating comfortable and desirable for you. And c’mon, who would want to miss out a delicious T-bone steak for dinner? These colors aren’t calming too, which means they can’t help you in your journey of losing weight.

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